Platform Summary
WealthStation is a free, web based platform provided to every Vision customer. Users can view their account information, balances, positions, account history, tax lots and more.

  • The Mutual Fund trade screen provides an intuitive starting point for placing orders.
  • The Balances and Positions screen provides a detailed overall view of all balances and holdings for a customer and includes any Fed Call or House Calls that the customer might have.
  • The Order Status screen displays the status of orders, pending orders, open, cancelled, rejected and executed.
  • Account Activity allows customers to conduct a historical search of trades and transactions that have occurred within a selected date range.
  • The Cash Flow screen is a useful tool for customers to view what their expected cash flow will be in the future based on their current investments. This screen displays projected cash flow from future dividends, interest from money markets and bonds, and the principal from redeeming bonds.
  • Exportable performance reports such as trade blotter, commissions, maturity, positions and others are available.