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Vision Investment Advisors

Vision Investment Advisors, LLC (“Vision Advisors”), a money management and advisory firm, is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut and a SEC registered Investment Advisor. Vision Advisors manages approximately $71 million (as of July 2019) in various types of securities. In managing its accounts, Vision Advisors feels that capital appreciation and risk management are its primary focus.

Vision Advisors offers seven different investment portfolios ranging from growth and dividend equity strategies to fixed income portfolios, balanced portfolios, an aggressive “Total” portfolio as well as others. While the strategies are consistent, Vision Advisors does not take a “cookie cutter” approach by having every client’s portfolio within a particular strategy mirror each other. Vision Advisors will work with each client to customize a unique portfolio for them within the chosen strategy, but taking into account the client’s unique circumstances including their risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity needs.

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Vision Investment Advisors, LLC, Vision Brokerage Services, LLC and Vision Financial Markets LLC are affiliated companies under common ownership and control.