Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”) are a tax advantaged way to save for retirement. The income from interest, dividends and capital gains can grow tax deferred or tax free.*

  • Vision provides a wide range of investment options including stocks, bonds, U.S. Treasuries, mutual funds, and managed accounts to customize a plan to meet your retirement goals.
  • IRAs can be self-directed or broker-assisted through our affiliate, Vision Brokerage Services.
  • Customers can transfer an existing IRA or 401(k) account to Vision.
  • Participants can make a contribution of 100% of earned income up to $5,500 per year ($6,500 for individuals over the age of 50).

Traditional IRA: A Traditional IRA offers tax-deferred growth potential, with investors potentially being able to deduct all or part of their Traditional IRA contributions from pre-tax income if certain conditions are met. Participants under age 70 ½ can contribute to an IRA. Participants are required to take minimum distributions from a Traditional IRA starting at age 70 ½. Traditional IRAs may be a good choice for those who would like a tax deduction, those who have an income that is too high to be eligible for a Roth IRA, or those who believe they may be in a lower tax bracket in retirement.

Roth IRA: A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account for investors who are looking for tax free growth potential. Contributions to a Roth IRA are made after-tax, which means your savings grow tax-free. The principal and all earnings can be withdrawn tax-free after age 59½ if the account has been open at least five years. In addition, participants are never required to take distributions, making a Roth IRA an effective option for both estate and retirement planning purposes.

Other Available Retirement Accounts: Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, Beneficiary IRA, Flex IRA (for trading futures) and SIMPLE IRA

*Vision does not provide tax advice. Please consult with your personal tax advisor.