Securities Client Fees

Below are the fees that Vision will charge to clients for the services listed. All questions regarding the fees listed should be directed to the Client Services Team at +1.877.836.3949 or Please note that the list may not be all inclusive and is subject to change.

Treasury Description Cost
Stop Payment Stop payment from a Vision issued check $25
Bounced Check Returned customer check deposit $50
Copy of Check Copy of past Vision issued check $10
Domestic Wire Wire to customer in the USA $30
International Wire Wire to customer outside the USA $50
Returned Wire Returned wire from customer $20
Outgoing ACH ACH remit to customer $5
Returned ACH Returned ACH from customer $10
Overnight Delivery Overnight delivery fee for checks or stock certificates $35
International Delivery International delivery fee for checks or stock certificates At cost
Settlement and Safekeeping Charges Description Cost
DTC Delivery Transfer DTC transfer fee for “free delivery” of security positions $10 per position
Outbound ACAT Automated customer account transfer of securities positions $75
Partial ACAT Partial automated customer account transfer of securities positions $25
Direct Registration (DRS) / Deposit / Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) Transfer Electronic security transfer from / to the transfer agent $225 plus TA Fees
Physical Certificate Withdrawal Request Physical certificate transfer and ship to customer $1,000 (including DTC, transfer agent, shipping fees)
Annual Custody – Alternative Investments (i.e., limited partnership units) $60 per item per year
New Issue / Alternative Investment Due Diligence Fee Varies upon request – $50 billed by Vision for processing fees and any overnight delivery fees, plus transfer agent fees, if any
Physical Certificate Safekeeping Physical certificate safekeeping per certificate on deposit and held with Vision $15 per month per certificate
Voluntary Corporate Action $50 per event
Mandatory Corporate Action $30 per event
Bond Maturity / Redemption $20 per event
Stock Mandatory Redemption (position exited out of DTC) Securities that become non-DTC eligible and a physical certificate is issued $40 per event
Option Exercise $5 per exercise request
Worthless / Delisted or Non-Transferable Securities Written Off $2.50 per write off
Account Inactivity If account falls below a market value of $25,000 and has no trading activity for the prior six months, Vision may charge an inactive account fee of $25, provided that this charge shall not apply to an IRA $25 every six months