Platform Summary

Sterling Trader Pro is used by traders worldwide.  Through Vision, customers can trade stocks (including ETFs) and options on U.S. markets. Sterling Trader Pro gives traders the performance and functionality they need to compete in today’s markets. Vision Financial Markets is a self-clearing broker/dealer and clears all trades.

  • Real-time Level I and II market data
  • Real-time position and order management, including profit and loss tracking
  • Trade stocks (including ETFs) and options on the U.S. markets
  • Advanced charting with over 80 configurable studies
  • Programmable hot keys and hot buttons
  • Sophisticated real-time scanning tools
  • Fully integrated ActiveX API and FIX API functionality
  • Custom trading alerts
  • View every strike price for calls and puts for a specific underlying symbol
  • Fully configurable options spread order entry with 11 pre-configured, complex options spreads available (including butterfly, calendar, covered calls, iron condors and straddles)
  • Send multiple orders with a single click through the advanced basket order trading module
ActiveX: For individual traders who want to write to the front-end to run their programs. There is no additional cost for ActiveX – only the monthly platform fee.

FIX API: Sterling Trader’s low latency API has processing speeds under 100 microseconds and the capacity to handle up to 10,000 orders per second. Users can connect directly to the Sterling Trading Engine via multiple channels using industry standard Fix 4.2 protocol.

FIX API is for institutional customers (including broker/dealers) who may be using their own front-end platforms and wish to write to Sterling Trader to route their orders through our gateway. Since Vision is a self-clearing broker/dealer, all trades executed through our gateway with Sterling Trader will clear through our membership at the Depository Trust Corporation and/or the Options Clearing Corporation.

Note that institutional clients also have the option to connect through Sterling Trader’s API, but utilize a different execution source than Vision’s own gateway. In this case Vision would still clear the trades once executed. Please contact us for more information on either scenario or if you are interested in learning more about our fully-disclosed and omnibus clearing services.

  • Monthly Platform Fee for Professional Users

  • Monthly Platform Fee for Non-Professional Users

  • Sterling Trader Pro

  • $135

    per month plus data

  • Contact Us for Pricing